author={Rachel E. Dwyer},
  journal={Asian Affairs},
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This article propounds the thesis that Bollywood cinema, the modern Indian cinema based in Mumbai (Bombay) is a better guide to the realities of modern India than other, more scholarly works. The author, who distinguishes and describes a number of different types of Bollywood film, suggests that these films are an unparalleled guide to the thoughts, aspirations and attitudes of the hundreds of millions of members of the emergent middle classes. For example, their view of history is purveyed by… 
Impact of Hindi Films (Bollywood) on the Indian Diaspora in Honolulu, Hawaii
This chapter investigates the impact of Hindi films (popularly known as Bollywood) on the Indian diaspora in Honolulu, Hawaii. Using a short survey and detailed interviews with a few members of the
Portrayal of gay characters in Bollywood cinema
A small selection of films from Hindi cinema which depict homosexuality are described, largely negative, and the possible reasons for this and the potential impact these portrayals may have on audiences are described.
Emboldening and Contesting Gender and Skin Color Stereotypes in the Film Industry in India, 1947–1991
This article examines how the film industry influenced prevailing gender and skin color stereotypes in India during the first four decades after Independence in 1947. It shows that Bollywood, the
The (im)possibility of decolonising gender in South Asia: a reading of Bollywood’s ‘new women’
ABSTRACT This paper highlights tensions in the continuity of coloniality and the decoloniality of gender as represented within portrayals of new women in Bollywood, through an analysis of the
Locating the diaspora: Delhi 6 and its challenge to Bollywood's image of the transnational Indian
Since the mid‐1990s, Bollywood films have aimed to appeal to the Indian diaspora and its emotional investment in the idea of India by depicting an upper-class, affluent, Hindu milieu; family-centered
Archaeology, Gender and Indian Tamil Films
  • P. Karupiah
  • Sociology, History
    Journal of Contemporary Archaeology
  • 2021
This article analyses the depiction of archaeology and archaeologists in contemporary popular Tamil films made in India, including a focus on the gender portrayal of archaeologists in two films in
‘Remaking’ the Genre Cinema of South Asia
The genre cinema in the context of South Asian cinema can be categorized with two broader terms: indigenous and nonindigenous. Indigenous genres are produced by local culture, folklore and myth
Indentifying Bollywood as a crucial factor of India’s economic development: A review analysis
The main content of the following article is to describe the economic growth of an indigenous economy and the factors of its internalization. Bollywood can be used as a paradigmatic showcase for the
Between the Family and Politics: Female Politicians as Media Objects in Bollywood Films
Abstract Of late, researchers have examined the stereotyping of female politicians in entertainment media as a serious problem in several democratic societies. Despite chauvinism and stereotyping,
Bollywood, Iindia and Economic Growth: A Hundred Years History
The main content of the following article is to describe the economic growth of an indigenous economy and the factors of its internalization. Bollywood can be used as a paradigmatic showcase for the


The 'Bollywoodization' of the Indian cinema: cultural nationalism in a global arena
The West may have the biggest stalls in the world’s media bazaar, but it is not the only player. Globalization isn’t merely another word for Americanization — and the recent expansion of the Indian
"Photos of the Gods" : the printed image and political struggle in India
'Photos of the Gods' is a comprehensive history of India's popular visual culture. Combining anthropology, political and cultural history, and the study of aesthetic systems, and using many
In spite of the gods : the strange rise of modern India
India is poised to become one of the world's three largest economies in the next generation and to overtake China as the world's most populous country by 2032. Well before then India's incipient
Imagined Communities: Reflections on the Origin and Spread of Nationalism
What makes people love and die for nations, as well as hate and kill in their name? While many studies have been written on nationalist political movements, the sense of nationality - the personal
History's forgotten doubles
L'A. mene une etude sur la conscience historique dans les differents types de civilisation. Il s'interroge sur la place que chacune d'entre elles attribue a son passe et examine comment s'elabore une
Theory Of Film: The Redemption Of Physical Reality
IntroductionPrefaceAcknowledgmentsIntroduction1Photography32Basic Concepts273The Establishment of Physical Existence414Inherent Affinities605History and Fantasy776Remarks on the Actor937Dialogue and
The Case of the Missing Mahatma: Gandhi and the Hindi Cinema
Modern Social Imaginaries