BNPdensity: Bayesian nonparametric mixture modelling in R

  title={BNPdensity: Bayesian nonparametric mixture modelling in R},
  author={Julyan Arbel and G. Kon Kam King and Antonio Lijoi and Luis E. Nieto-Barajas and Igor Pr{\"u}nster},
  journal={Australian \& New Zealand Journal of Statistics},
Robust statistical data modelling under potential model mis-specification often requires leaving the parametric world for the nonparametric. In the latter, parameters are infinite dimensional objects such as functions, probability distributions or infinite vectors. In the Bayesian nonparametric approach, prior distributions are designed for these parameters, which provide a handle to manage the complexity of nonparametric models in practice. However, most modern Bayesian nonparametric models… 
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