BNCT microdosimetry at the tapiro reactor thermal column.


A thermal column is available for dosimetric and radiobiological studies by the fast reactor TAPIRO, located at the ENEA research centre Casaccia. The TAPIRO neutron field has been studied (in the frame of LNL BNCT project) with a tissue-equivalent proportional counter, which has worked alternatively with an ordinary tissue-equivalent cathode and with a boron-enriched cathode. Measurements have been performed with polyethylene caps of different thickness. Both the absorbed dose and the microdosimetric-calculated biological effective dose show a maximum at approximately 0.5 mg cm(-2) of depth. The different dose components have been calculated and the results are discussed.

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@article{Nardo2004BNCTMA, title={BNCT microdosimetry at the tapiro reactor thermal column.}, author={L De Nardo and E Seravalli and G Rosi and J Esposito and P Colautti and V Conte and G Tornielli}, journal={Radiation protection dosimetry}, year={2004}, volume={110 1-4}, pages={579-86} }