BMI1 as a novel target for drug discovery in cancer.

  title={BMI1 as a novel target for drug discovery in cancer.},
  author={Liangxian Cao and Jenelle Bombard and Katherine Cintron and Josephine Sheedy and Marla L Weetall and Thomas W. Davis},
  journal={Journal of cellular biochemistry},
  volume={112 10},
Growing evidence has demonstrated that clonogenic cancer stem (initiating) cells are responsible for tumor regrowth and disease relapse. Bmi-1 plays a critical role in the self-renewal of adult stem cells. The Bmi-1 protein is elevated in many types of cancers, and experimental reduction of Bmi-1 protein levels by small interfering RNA (siRNA) causes apoptosis and/or senescence in tumor cells in vitro and increases susceptibility to cytotoxic agents. The Bmi-1 protein has no known enzymatic… CONTINUE READING

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