BKP hierarchy, affine coordinates, and a formula for connected bosonic n-point functions

  title={BKP hierarchy, affine coordinates, and a formula for connected bosonic n-point functions},
  author={Zhiyuan Wang and Chenglang Yang},
  journal={Letters in Mathematical Physics},
. We derive a formula for the connected n -point functions of a tau- function of the BKP hierarchy in terms of its affine coordinates. This is a BKP-analogue of a formula for KP tau-functions proved by Zhou in [46]. Moreover, we prove a simple relation between the KP-affine coordinates of a tau-function τ ( t ) of the KdV hierarchy and the BKP-affine coordinates of τ ( t / 2). As applications, we present a new algorithm to compute the free energies of the Witten-Kontsevich tau-function and the Br… 



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