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BIM을 이용한 모듈러 유닛의 마감자재 배치 최적화 방안 연구

  title={BIM을 이용한 모듈러 유닛의 마감자재 배치 최적화 방안 연구},
  author={서봉교 and 윤석헌},
  • 서봉교, 윤석헌
  • Published 2014
  • Engineering
  • Modular building is a system architecture. And it is produced in plant over 80% and constructed on site with simple assemble activities. These days, market share of it is increasing gradually and related researches are actively proceeded. However, finishing materials of modular unit are not fit precisely with a unit size and more cutting activities are needed and a lot of remaining cut materials are thrown out. It gives rise to a number of problems such as loss of quality and productivity. In… CONTINUE READING

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