BIG 3 inhibits insulin granule biogenesis and insulin secretion

  title={BIG 3 inhibits insulin granule biogenesis and insulin secretion},
  author={Hongyu Li and Shunhui Wei and Kenneth K. Y. Cheng and Natalia V. Gounko and Russell Erick Ericksen and Aimin Xu and Wanjin Hong and Weiping Han},
As you will see, while referee 2 is more critical, both referees 1 and 3 support publication of the manuscript by EMBO reports. However, they also suggest several experiments to further strengthen the findings, which should all be performed. Upon cross-commenting on each other's reports, referees 1 and 3 agree that not all the concerns raised by referee 2 need to be addressed. Specifically, no mechanistic insight into how BIG3 inhibits insulin secretion needs to be provided, and points 1, 6, 8… CONTINUE READING
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