BIACORE data processing: an evaluation of the global fitting procedure.

  title={BIACORE data processing: an evaluation of the global fitting procedure.},
  author={Myriam Ben Khalifa and Laurence Choulier and Hugues Lortat-Jacob and Dani{\`e}le Altschuh and Thierry Vernet},
  journal={Analytical biochemistry},
  volume={293 2},
Data from real-time molecular interaction analysis using BIACORE are currently evaluated by numerical integration. We have investigated the ability of two software packages (BIAevaluation 3.0 and CLAMP99) to analyze complex interactions. Three experimental data sets of high quality obtained with BIACORE upgraded and 2000 instruments, representative of simple bimolecular, heterogeneous ligand, and mass-transport-limited interactions, were processed by the global fitting procedure. The two… CONTINUE READING

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