BHLHB3: a candidate tumor suppressor in lung cancer

  title={BHLHB3: a candidate tumor suppressor in lung cancer},
  author={Felicia Stefania Falvella and Francesca Colombo and Monica Spinola and Manuela Campiglio and Ugo Pastorino and Tommaso A Dragani},
BHLHB3 is a basic helix-loop-helix (bHLH) domain-containing protein that acts as a transcriptional repressor. We found that BHLHB3 transcript levels were low in three human lung cancer cell lines and downregulated in human lung adenocarcinomas as compared to normal lung tissue. BHLHB3 gene overexpression inhibited colony formation of A549, NCI-H520 and NCI-H596 lung cancer cells. The reduced colony growth was likely due to inhibition of cell proliferation as suggested by the downregulation of… CONTINUE READING
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