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BFT$_2$: a General Class of $2d$ $\mathcal{N}=(0,2)$ Theories, 3-Manifolds and Toric Geometry

  title={BFT\$\_2\$: a General Class of \$2d\$ \$\mathcal\{N\}=(0,2)\$ Theories, 3-Manifolds and Toric Geometry},
  author={Sebasti'an Franco and Xingyang Yu},
We introduce and initiate the study of a general class of 2d N = (0, 2) quiver gauge theories, defined in terms of certain 2-dimensional CW complexes on oriented 3manifolds. We refer to this class of theories as BFT2’s. They are natural generalizations of Brane Brick Models, which capture the gauge theories on D1-branes probing toric CalabiYau 4-folds. The dynamics and triality of the gauge theories translates into simple transformation of the underlying CW complexes. We introduce various… 


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