BET bromodomain inhibition of MYC-amplified medulloblastoma.

  title={BET bromodomain inhibition of MYC-amplified medulloblastoma.},
  author={Pratiti Bandopadhayay and Guillaume Bergthold and Brian J Nguyen and Simone J A Schubert and Sharareh Gholamin and Yujie Tang and Sara Bolin and Steven E Schumacher and Rhamy Zeid and Sabran Masoud and Furong Yu and Nujsaubnusi Vue and William S. J. Gibson and Brenton R Paolella and Siddhartha S Mitra and Samuel H. Cheshier and Jun Qi and Kun-Wei Liu and Robert J Wechsler-Reya and William S. Weiss and Fredrik J Swartling and Mark W Kieran and James E. Bradner and Rameen Beroukhim and Y Jae Cho},
  journal={Clinical cancer research : an official journal of the American Association for Cancer Research},
  volume={20 4},
PURPOSE MYC-amplified medulloblastomas are highly lethal tumors. Bromodomain and extraterminal (BET) bromodomain inhibition has recently been shown to suppress MYC-associated transcriptional activity in other cancers. The compound JQ1 inhibits BET bromodomain-containing proteins, including BRD4. Here, we investigate BET bromodomain targeting for the treatment of MYC-amplified medulloblastoma. EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN We evaluated the effects of genetic and pharmacologic inhibition of BET… CONTINUE READING


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