BE-SONOS: A bandgap engineered SONOS with excellent performance and reliability

  title={BE-SONOS: A bandgap engineered SONOS with excellent performance and reliability},
  author={Hang-Ting Lue and Szu-Yu Wang and Erh-Kun Lai and Yen-Hao Shih and Sheng-Chih Lai and Ling-Wu Yang and Kuang-Chao Chen and J. Ku and K. L. Hsieh and Rich Liu and Chih-Yuan Lu},
  journal={IEEE InternationalElectron Devices Meeting, 2005. IEDM Technical Digest.},
A bandgap engineered SONOS with greatly improved reliability properties is proposed. This concept is demonstrated by a multilayer structure of O1/N1/O2/N2/O3, where the ultra-thin "O1/N1/O2" serves as a non-trapping tunneling dielectric, N2 the high-trapping-rate charge storage layer, and O3 the blocking oxide. The ultra-thin "O1/N1/O2" provides a "modulated tunneling barrier" - it suppresses direct tunneling at low electric field during retention, while it allows efficient hole tunneling erase… CONTINUE READING
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