BCL-X expression in multiple myeloma: possible indicator of chemoresistance.

  title={BCL-X expression in multiple myeloma: possible indicator of chemoresistance.},
  author={Yiping Tu and Stephen Renner and Fang Xu and Alex Fleishman and John C. Taylor and Jeffrey A Weisz and R Vescio and Matthew Rettig and James Berenson and Stan Stanislaw Krajewski and John C. Reed and Alan Lichtenstein},
  journal={Cancer research},
  volume={58 2},
Because murine myeloma plasma cells and normal human lymph node plasma cells express BCL-X, we evaluated BCL-X expression in malignant human plasma cells. BCL-X expression was detected in several human myeloma cell lines, as well as in CD38-sorted bone marrow cells obtained from some patients. Only the antiapoptotic long form of BCL-X (BCL-X-L), was detected. Because BCL-X-L expression can protect tumor cells from apoptotic death induced by chemotherapeutic agents, we tested the clinical… CONTINUE READING
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