BACH1 is a DNA repair protein supporting BRCA1 damage response

  title={BACH1 is a DNA repair protein supporting BRCA1 damage response},
  author={Minjie Peng and Rachel Litman and Zhe Jin and Guohua Fong and Sharon B Cantor},
The link between defects in BRCA1 and breast cancer development may be best understood by deciphering the role of associated proteins. BRCA1 associated C-terminal helicase (BACH1) interacts directly with the BRCA1 C-terminal BRCT repeats, which are important for BRCA1 DNA repair and are mutated in the majority of BRCA1 familial cancers. Thus, BACH1 is a likely candidate for mediating BRCA1 DNA repair and tumor suppression functions. Although previous evidence using overexpression of a dominant… CONTINUE READING


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