B7-H3 promotes gastric cancer cell migration and invasion

  title={B7-H3 promotes gastric cancer cell migration and invasion},
  author={Yecheng Li and XiaoDong Yang and Yong Wu and Kui Zhao and Zhenyu Ye and JunJia Zhu and Xiaohui Xu and Xin Zhao and ChunGen Xing},
B7-H3 (B7 homologue 3, CD276) is a member of the B7 immunoregulatory family and promotes tumor progression. The present study demonstrated that B7-H3 promotes gastric cancer cell migration and invasion. shRNA-mediated B7-H3 silencing in the N87 gastric cancer cell line suppressed cell migration and invasion in vitro and in vivo; downregulated metastasis-associated CXCR4; and inhibited AKT, ERK, and Jak2/Stat3 phosphorylation. B7-H3-silenced cells injected into the tail veins of 4-week-old… CONTINUE READING

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Our analysis of 120 tissue samples from gastric cancer patients showed that increased B7-H3 expression correlated positively with both tumor infiltration depth and CXCR4 expression .
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