B7-H1 pathway and its role in the evasion of tumor immunity

  title={B7-H1 pathway and its role in the evasion of tumor immunity},
  author={Haidong Dong and Lieping Chen},
  journal={Journal of Molecular Medicine},
B7-H1 is a recently identified member of the B7 family molecules. Upon ligation to its receptors on T cells it regulates activation and differentiation of T cells. B7-H1 preferentially costimulates IL-10 production in resting T cells and further induces the apoptosis of activated T cells. PD-1 is a receptor of B7-H1 and is shown to mediate the inhibition of activated T cell response, presumably by inhibiting cell cycle progression. The expression of B7-H1 protein is limited to macrophage… CONTINUE READING

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