B. F. Skinner's Radical Behaviorism: Historical Misconstructions and Grounds for Feminist Reconstructions

  title={B. F. Skinner's Radical Behaviorism: Historical Misconstructions and Grounds for Feminist Reconstructions},
  author={Maria R. Ruiz},
  journal={Behavior and Social Issues},
  • M. Ruiz
  • Published 16 December 1995
  • Psychology
  • Behavior and Social Issues
Feminist critiques of traditional psychological approaches have generated thorough feminist revisions most notably in psychoanalytic and developmental theory. Although behaviorism has attracted strong objections from feminist critics, claims of its antithetical positioning vis-A¥-vis feminist theory construction have practically remained unchallenged. A preliminary step in formulating grounds for a synthesis is to clarify the multiple meanings of behaviorism. Specifically, the fusion of Watson… 
Values and morality: Science, faith, and feminist pragmatism
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Skinner’s treatment of values and morality has been embedded in his discussions of cultural design (1953, 1956, 1961, 1971). The contributions of other behavior analysts to this discussion have been
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In Memoriam: Maria del Rosario Ruiz (1950 – 2017)
Maria del Rosario Ruiz, PhD, BCBA-D, Professor Emerita of Psychology at Rollins College, died in her home during the early morning hours of August 15, 2017, after a yearlong battle with metastatic
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The nature and practice of bibliography are introduced, the extant B. F. Skinner bibliographies are reviewed, and the methods used in constructing a new, comprehensive, and corrected bibliography of Skinner's primary-source published works are described.
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s for Empirical Studies: Abstracts for empirical studies are also generally about 100 to 120 words in length. They should include the following information: • Problem under investigation (in one
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The present analysis suggests that radical behaviorism makes closer contact with the "new world view" advocated by physicists and philosophers of science than does much of contemporary psychology.
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Case histories in the great power of steady misrepresentation.
Because academic folklore has been highly resistant to the corrective efforts of behaviorists, explicit strategies are suggested for identifying and correcting folklore and for promoting more effective interdisciplinary communication.
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