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B-splines on the Heisenberg group

  title={B-splines on the Heisenberg group},
  author={Santi Rani Das and Peter R. Massopust and Radha Ramakrishnan},
In this paper, we introduce a class of B-splines on the Heisenberg group H and study their fundamental properties. Unlike the classical case, we prove that there does not exist any sequence {αn}n∈N such that L(−n.−n 2 ,−αn)φn(x, y, t) = L(−n.−2 ,−αn)φn(−x,−y,−t), for n ≥ 2, where L(x,y,t) denotes the left translation on H. We further investigate the problem of finding an equivalent condition for the system of left translates to form a frame sequence or a Riesz sequence in terms of twisted… 



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