B cell receptor signal strength determines B cell fate

  title={B cell receptor signal strength determines B cell fate},
  author={Stefano Casola and Kevin L. Otipoby and Marat B. Alimzhanov and Sibille Humme and Nathalie C. Uyttersprot and Jeffery L. Kutok and Michael C Carroll and K. Rajewsky},
  journal={Nature Immunology},
B cell receptor (BCR)-mediated antigen recognition is thought to regulate B cell differentiation. BCR signal strength may also influence B cell fate decisions. Here, we used the Epstein-Barr virus protein LMP2A as a constitutively active BCR surrogate to study the contribution of BCR signal strength in B cell differentiation. Mice carrying a targeted replacement of Igh by LMP2A leading to high or low expression of the LMP2A protein developed B-1 or follicular and marginal zone B cells… CONTINUE READING
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