B-cell development fails in the absence of the Pbx1 proto-oncogene.

  title={B-cell development fails in the absence of the Pbx1 proto-oncogene.},
  author={Mrinmoy Sanyal and James W. Tung and Holger Karsunky and Hong Zeng and Licia Selleri and Irving L Weissman and Leonore Herzenberg and Michael L. Cleary},
  volume={109 10},
Pbx1, a homeodomain transcription factor that was originally identified as the product of a proto-oncogene in acute pre-B-cell leukemia, is a global regulator of embryonic development. However, embryonic lethality in its absence has prevented an assessment of its role in B-cell development. Here, using Rag1-deficient blastocyst complementation assays, we demonstrate that Pbx1 null embryonic stem (ES) cells fail to generate common lymphoid progenitors (CLPs) resulting in a complete lack of B and… CONTINUE READING


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