B-1 cells and their reactivity with the murine intestinal microflora.

  title={B-1 cells and their reactivity with the murine intestinal microflora.},
  author={Frans G. M. Kroese and Rick de Waard and Nicolaas A. Bos},
  journal={Seminars in immunology},
  volume={8 1},
IgA secreting cells located in the lamina propria of the gut are a prominent feature of the mucosal immune system, which serves to protect the body from the continuous threat to infection by intestinal bacteria. In this review we summarize briefly the evidence that these IgA secreting cells have a dual origin and are derived either from conventional B cells or from B-1 cells. Furthermore, we show both at polyclonal and monoclonal levels that the major antigenic target of B-1 cell derived IgA… CONTINUE READING

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