B→K * form factors from flavor data to QCD and back

  title={B→K * form factors from flavor data to QCD and back},
  author={Christian Hambrock and Gudrun Hiller and Stefan Schacht and Roman Zwicky},
  journal={Physical Review D},
Sufficient control of transition form factors is a vital ingredient for the precision flavor programs including the nearer term searches at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) and the forthcoming Belle II experiment. We improve on existing methods to extract B -> K^* form factor ratios at low hadronic recoil from B -> K^* l^+ l^- data on the angular observables F_L, A_T^(2) and P'_4 by adding heavy quark symmetry-based constraints and by investigating the cross talk between low and large recoil… 

Rare $B$ decays using lattice QCD form factors

In this write-up we review and update our recent lattice QCD calculation of $B \to K^*$, $B_s \to \phi$, and $B_s \to K^*$ form factors [arXiv:1310.3722]. These unquenched calculations, performed in

Resonances gone topsy turvy - the charm of QCD or new physics in b→sℓ+ℓ−?

We investigate the interference pattern of the charm-resonances (3370) , (4040) , (4160) and (4415) with the electroweak penguin operator O9 / b sL in the branching fraction of B + ! K + . For this

On the LHCb anomaly in B → K*ℓ+ℓ−

A bstractThe latest LHCb angular analysis of the rare decay B → K∗μ+μ− shows some discrepancies from the SM up to the 3.7σ level. There is a consistent new physics explanation of these anomalies,

Rare radiative and semileptonic B meson decays

Recent results at the LHCb and B-factory experiments have suggested that rare processes in B → V γ and B → V ` ̄̀ decays, where V is a vector meson, show some deviation from Standard Model

Hadronic and new physics contributions to b→s transitions

Assuming the source of the anomalies observed recently in $b \to s$ data to be new physics, there is a priori no reason to believe that - in the effective field theory language - only one type of

in the Standard Model from light-cone sum rules

We present Bq → ρ, Bq → ω, Bq → K∗, Bs → K∗ and Bs → φ form factors from light-cone sum rules (LCSR) at O(αs) for twist-2 and 3 and O(α0 s) for twist-4 with updated hadronic input parameters. Three

Angular analysis of the decay Λb → Λ(→ Nπ)ℓ+ℓ−

A bstractWe study the differential decay rate for the rare Λb → Λ(→ Nπ)ℓ+ℓ− transition, including a determination of the complete angular distribution, assuming unpolarized Λb baryons. On the basis

Flavour anomalies after the R K ∗ measurement ( updated including the Moriond 2019 data from LHCb and Belle 1 )

The LHCb measurement of the μ/e ratio RK∗ indicates a deficit with respect to the Standard Model prediction, supporting earlier hints of lepton universality violation observed in the RK ratio. We

An explicit Z′-boson explanation of the B → K∗μ+μ− anomaly

A bstractA global fit to the recent B → K∗μ+μ− data shows indications for a large new-physics contribution to the Wilson coefficient of the semi-leptonic vector operator. In this article we consider

B →Vℓ+ℓ− in the Standard Model from light-cone sum rules

A bstractWe present Bq → ρ, Bq → ω, Bq → K∗, Bs → K∗ and Bs → ϕ form factors from light-cone sum rules (LCSR) at Oαs$$ \mathcal{O}\left({\alpha}_s\right) $$ for twist-2 and 3 and Oαs0$$