• Psychology
  • Published 2010

Bön! Ett pågående samtal i en värld av ettor och nollor : En studie kring våra mest intima tankar

  title={B{\"o}n! Ett p{\aa}g{\aa}ende samtal i en v{\"a}rld av ettor och nollor : En studie kring v{\aa}ra mest intima tankar},
  author={Johanna Larsson},
In my essay I have studied prayers from the Swedish church website and the purpose of this study is to analyze the prayers and see if we can view the impact of our time? In order to retain an open mind while analyzing the prayers, I have decided that the study is going to be based on a grounded theory approach and not work with a central theory method. After my first pilot study, I choose to us a discourse analysis method of; problem, cause and solution. The prayers showed three key themes… CONTINUE READING