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Azumaya geometry and representation stacks

  title={Azumaya geometry and representation stacks},
  author={Jens Hemelaer and L. L. Bruyn},
  journal={arXiv: Rings and Algebras},
We develop Azumaya geometry, which is an extension of classical affine geometry to the world of Azumaya algebras, and package the information contained in all quotient stacks $[\mathrm{rep}_n R\,/\,\mathrm{PGL}_n]$ into a presheaf $\mathrm{Rep}_R$ on it. We show that the classical etale and Zariski topologies extend to Grothendieck topologies on Azumaya geometry in uncountably many ways, and prove that $\mathrm{Rep}_R$ is a sheaf for all of them. The restriction to a specific Azumaya algebra $A… Expand