Azines possessing strong push-pull donors/acceptors.


Azines (R(2)C[double bond, length as m-dash]N-N[double bond, length as m-dash]CR(2)) are 2,3-diaza analogues of 1,3-butadiene. In this report we show that strong polarisation of the azine imparts structural features consistent with delocalization within the azine fragment; NLO properties for the azines are also reported.

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@article{Choytun2004AzinesPS, title={Azines possessing strong push-pull donors/acceptors.}, author={Dharinee D Choytun and Lisa D Langlois and Thomas P Johansson and Charles L B Macdonald and Gary W. Leach and Noham Weinberg and Jason A. C. Clyburne}, journal={Chemical communications}, year={2004}, volume={16}, pages={1842-3} }