author={Payam Ghaffarvand Mokari and Stefan Werner},
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The Azerbaijani, Azerbaijanian or Azeri language belongs to the western group of the southwestern, or Oghuz, branch of the Turkic language family and is mainly spoken in Azerbaijan and Iran. Azerbaijani is the official language of the Republic of Azerbaijan and over 80% of its population use it as their first language (Johanson 2010). Among non-Persian languages in Iran, Azerbaijani, with approximately 15–20 million native speakers, has the largest number of speakers (Crystal 2010). In total… 
Language choice and identity construction of Azerbaijani bilinguals in family and friendship domains
ABSTRACT This study investigates Azerbaijani bilinguals’ language choice and identity construction processes in family and friendship domains. Individual interviews were conducted with 19 (11 male, 8
Language Complexity Trade-Offs Revisited
In this paper we revisit the results that originally appeared in Coloma (2015) and Coloma (2017), using a newly-assembled database of 50 languages for which we have the same text (which is the fable
Individual variability in cue weighting for first-language vowels
This study investigates the use of different cues in discrimination of Azerbaijani /oe/ and /ɯ/ vowels. Regarding the large overlap in f 1 - f 2 vowel space in the production of these vowels, this