Azatriquinanes. 2.(1) synthesis of azatriquinadiene and azatriquinacene

  title={Azatriquinanes. 2.(1) synthesis of azatriquinadiene and azatriquinacene},
  author={Mascal and Lera and Blake},
  journal={The Journal of organic chemistry},
  volume={65 21},
  • Mascal, Lera, Blake
  • Published 20 October 2000
  • Chemistry
  • The Journal of organic chemistry
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Chemistry of the Heterotriquinanes and Heterotriquinacenes

Triquinanes are tricyclic hydrocarbons that have fused cyclopentane rings. Although there are linear and angular triquinanes that are doubly fused, this Account focuses exclusively on the

Phospha- and arsa-bridged cyclononatetraenides: novel zwitterionic 10π aromatic hemispheres

To probe the limits of the internal charge compensation approach for the generation of 10π aromatic hemispheres derived from hetero-acepentalenide zwitterions, the phospha- and arsa-bridged

Computational thermochemistry of oxatriquinane and its analogues

  • I. Novák
  • Chemistry
    Computational and Theoretical Chemistry
  • 2019

A Zwitterionic, 10 π Aromatic Hemisphere.

A new concept in anionic 10 π aromaticity is described by the embedding of a compensating charge within an aromatic cyclononatetraenide ring by the symmetric superposition of an alkyl ammonium

2,6-Diazasemibullvalenes: Reaction Chemistry and Synthetic Application

The reaction chemistry of 2,6-diazasemibullvalenes has been explored and disclosed, such as C–N bond insertion, rearrangement–cycloaddition, oxidation, and nucleophilic ring-opening reaction. Some

Semibullvalene and diazasemibullvalene: recent advances in the synthesis, reaction chemistry, and synthetic applications.

The results show that NSBV not only features a rapid aza-Cope rearrangement with a low activation barrier but also acts as unique synthetic reagent that is significantly different from aziridine, and the previously unattainable molecules have become "normal" and routine starting materials for the synthesis of otherwise unavailable but interesting structures.

Efficient synthesis of aza-triquinacene derivatives via cycloaddition of 2,6-diazasemibullvalenes with nitroso compounds.

Aza-triquinacene derivatives of interesting structural and synthetic chemistry were generated highly selectively in good to excellent isolated yields thanks to the rigid polycyclic ring system and the substitution patterns of 2,6-diazasemibullvalenes.

One-pot tandem cyclization of enantiopure asymmetric cis-2,5-disubstituted pyrrolidines: Facile access to chiral 10-heteroazatriquinanes

A series of chiral 10-heteroazatriquinanes were synthesized from enantiopure asymmetric cis-2,5-disubstituted pyrrolidines through a one-pot tandem cyclization procedure and are confirmed by X-ray single-crystal diffraction analysis.

2,6-Diazasemibullvalenes: synthesis, structural characterization, reaction chemistry, and theoretical analysis.

A series of 2,6-diazasemibullvalenes synthesized and isolated from the reaction of 1,4-dilithio-1,3-dienes with nitriles via oxidant-induced C-N bond formation showed that the localized structure is predominant and that the homoaromatic delocalized structure exists as a minor component in the equilibrium.