Azaindole derivatives

  title={Azaindole derivatives},
  author={Leonid Yakhontov and S. S. Liberman and D. M. Krasnokutskaya and M. Ya. Uritskaya and V. A. Azimov and M. S. Sokolova and L. N. Gerchikov},
  journal={Pharmaceutical Chemistry Journal},
Various 3-aminoalkyl derivatives of indole have attracted the attention of many investigators over the last ten years . The importance of this type of substance in the biogenesis of indole alkaloids, the wide distribution of 3-(~-aminoethyl)-5-hydroxyindol (serotonin), one of the most important biogenous amines, in plant and animal organisms, and also the pronounced hallucinogenic and psychomimetic activity of such 9 3-aminoalkyl derivatives of indole as psilocin, psilocybin, and bufotenine are… CONTINUE READING

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