Axisymmetric indentation of curved elastic membranes by a convex rigid indenter

  title={Axisymmetric indentation of curved elastic membranes by a convex rigid indenter},
  author={Simon P. Pearce and John R. King and M. J. Holdsworth},
  journal={International Journal of Non-Linear Mechanics},
  pages={1128 - 1138}
Motivated by applications to seed germination, we consider the transverse deflection that results from the axisymmetric indentation of an elastic membrane by a rigid body. The elastic membrane is fixed around its boundary, with or without an initial pre-stretch, and may be initially curved prior to indentation. General indenter shapes are considered, and the load–indentation curves that result for a range of spheroidal tips are obtained for both flat and curved membranes. Wrinkling may occur… 
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Large deformation possible in every isotropic elastic membrane
  • P. M. Naghdi, P. Tang
  • Mathematics
    Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London. Series A, Mathematical and Physical Sciences
  • 1977
This paper is concerned with static solutions of finitely deformed elastic membranes regarded as thin shells. It deals with deformations that can be maintained, in the absence of body force, in every