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Axion mechanism of the Sun luminosity and solar dynamo - geodynamo connection

  title={Axion mechanism of the Sun luminosity and solar dynamo - geodynamo connection},
  author={Vitaliy D. Rusov and Elena Linnik and K. Kudela and Strachimir Cht. Mavrodiev and I. V. Sharph and Tatiana N. Zelentsova and Razmic Beglaryan and Vladimir P. Smolyar and Kyrylo Merkotan},
  journal={arXiv: Solar and Stellar Astrophysics},
We show existence of strong negative correlation between the temporal variations of magnetic field toroidal component of the solar tachocline (the bottom of convective zone) and the Earth magnetic field (Y-component). The possibility that hypothetical solar axions, which can transform into photons in external electric or magnetic fields (the inverse Primakoff effect), can be the instrument by which the magnetic field of convective zone of the Sun modulates the magnetic field of the Earth is… 
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