Axial anomaly and the $\delta_{LT}$ puzzle

  title={Axial anomaly and the \$\delta\_\{LT\}\$ puzzle},
  author={Nikolai I. Kochelev and Yongseok Oh},
  journal={Physical Review D},
The axial anomaly contribution to generalized longitudinal-transverse polarizability $\delta_{LT}^{}$ is calculated within Regge approach. It is shown that the contribution from the exchange of the $a_1^{}(1260)$ Regge trajectory is nontrivial and might have the key role to explain the large difference between the predictions of chiral perturbation theory and the experimental data for the neutron $\delta_{LT}^{}$. We also present the prediction for the proton $\delta_{LT}^{}$, which will be… Expand
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