Axial Flux Variable Gap Motor: Application in Vehicle Systems

  title={Axial Flux Variable Gap Motor: Application in Vehicle Systems},
  author={Sung Chul Oh and Justin Kern and Theodore Bohn and Aymeric Rousseau and Maxime Pasquier},
Alternative electric motor geometry with potentially increased efficiency is being considered for hybrid electric vehicle applications. An axial flux motor with a dynamically adjustable air gap (i.e., mechanical field weakening) has been tested, analyzed, and modeled for use in a vehicle simulation tool at Argonne National Laboratory. The advantage of adjusting the flux is that the motor torque-speed characteristics can better match the vehicle load. The challenge in implementing an electric… 

Test and simulation of axial flux-motor characteristics for hybrid electric vehicles

  • S. OhA. Emadi
  • Engineering
    IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology
  • 2004
For each operating point, the optimal air gap is estimated based on the measured efficiency at different air gaps, and the motor model is developed using the estimated optimalAir gap and efficiency and analyzed with a vehicle simulator.

Test and Simulation of Variable Air Gap Concept on Axial Flux Electric Motor

One of the most promising methods to reduce vehicle fuel consumption and CO2 emissions is by using an electric motor in the vehicle powertrain system to assist the internal combustion engine, or

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Design and construction of a dynamometer

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The CTR Vehicle Systems and Fuels team a diesel hybrid powertrain. The goal of this experiment was to investigate and demonstrate the potential of diesel engines for hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs)

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High Technology Applications of Barium and Strontium Ferrite Magnets

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Axial-Flux Motor System Efficiency in a Solar Powered Vehicle

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The design and development of an axial flux permanent magnet brushless DC motor for wheel drive in a solar powered vehicle

  • D. PattersonR. Spee
  • Engineering
    Proceedings of 1994 IEEE Industry Applications Society Annual Meeting
  • 1994
This paper presents the development of a "weight-power trade-off" applicable to high performance, power limited vehicles. The theory is then applied to the electric vehicle case to justify the

Permanent-magnet, direct-drive, starter/alternator machine with weakened flux linkage for constant-power operation over extremely wide speed range

This paper reports on the original solution adopted in a proof-of-concept axial-flux permanent magnet machine (AFPM) prototype to provide weakening of the flux linkage with speed and thereby achieve constant-power operation over a wide speed range.

Development of an Axial Flux Permanent Magnet Brushless DC Motor for Wheel Drive in a Solar Powered Vehicle

Fig. 1. The “Desert Rose” on the road. presented here is based on a high-performance solar vehicle, many of the issues addressed are applicable to conventional, battery powered vehicles. The paper

Recent Advances in the Design and Construction of Axial Flux Permanent Magnet Machines

This paper discusses the reasons for the use of axial flux brushless dc machines (BDCMs) in particular applications. A specific axial flux machine design for wheel drive in a solar electric vehicle

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A Comparison of Induction, Permanent Magnet, and Switched Reluctance Electric Drive Performance in Automotive Traction Applications

  • Advanced Propulsion & Emission Technology, GPC '01