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Awareness of About Breast Cancer among Dental Surgeons

  title={Awareness of About Breast Cancer among Dental Surgeons},
  author={S. Balaji and M. Brundha},
Aim-To create awareness of breast cancer among dental surgeons Objective – To know the frequency of people aware of breast cancer BackgroundBreast cancer is a cancer that develops from breast tissue. Signs include lumps, swellings and indurations. Breast cancer awareness is an effort initiated to reduce the stigma through education on symptoms and treatment and to raise awareness among women and men. Through this programme, early detection of breast cancer, which is associated with higher long… Expand
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Awareness of breast cancer risk factors and practice of breast self examination among high school students in Turkey
There is a need to increase knowledge of adolescent females about the risks of breast cancer and benefits of early detection and health care professionals can develop effective breast health care programs and help young women to acquire good health habits. Expand
Awareness of breast cancer in women of an urban resettlement colony.
There is a need for awareness generation programs to educate women about breast cancer, propagation of correct messages and promote early detection of breast cancer. Expand
Breast Self-examination: Knowledge, Attitude, and Practice among Female Dental Students in Hyderabad City, India
The study highlights the need for educational programs to create awareness regarding regular breast cancer screening behavior and reveals a significant correlation between knowledge and attitude scores only (P<0.05). Expand
Population Based Case Control Study on Breast Cancer and the Associated Risk Factors in a Rural Setting in Kerala, Southern India, Journal of clinical and diagnostic research
  • Year : 2013 | Month : September | Volume
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A Population Based Case Control Study on Breast Cancer and the Associated Risk Factors in a Rural Setting
  • Year : 2013 | Month : September | Volume : 7 | Issue : 9 | Page