Awareness intervention: who needs it?


It is widely accepted that awareness deficits present challenges to recovery and should be addressed as part of rehabilitation programming. Response to awareness intervention is commonly inferred from measurements that rely on reports by subjects and significant others. This article describes the findings from a pilot study that examined the relationship among a variety of awareness indicators in three individuals with brain damage over a 9-month period. Results suggest a dissociation between behavioral and perceptual indices of awareness. Changes in behavioral indicators of awareness selected by caregivers were not related to changes in self- or caregiver ratings. The clinical and research implications of the findings are discussed.

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@article{Sohlberg1998AwarenessIW, title={Awareness intervention: who needs it?}, author={M M Sohlberg and C A Mateer and L Penkman and A Glang and B Todis}, journal={The Journal of head trauma rehabilitation}, year={1998}, volume={13 5}, pages={62-78} }