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Awareness and Practice of Testicular Self Examination among Male Medical Students of University Of Nigeria Enugu Campus South-East Nigeria

  title={Awareness and Practice of Testicular Self Examination among Male Medical Students of University Of Nigeria Enugu Campus South-East Nigeria},
  author={Justin Agorye Ingwu and Ohaeri Beatrice and Ezeude Anulika Grace-Jane},
The rising increase of testicular cancer (TC) which tends to take aggressive course in developing countries can be detected by testicular self-examination (TSE). Testicular self-examination is a screening technique that involves inspection and palpation of the testes for early detection of TC. There are concerns that medical students are not acquiring the necessary TSE skills. This study examines the awareness and practice of TSE among male medical students of University of Nigeria, Enugu… 

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The awareness and practice of testicular self-examination among male undergraduates in Nigeria: a descriptive cross-sectional study

It is necessary for the importance of testicular self-examination to be emphasized in the training of nurses, medical doctors, and other healthcare professionals and its practice should be encouraged among health science students.

Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of Testicular Self Examination among Male Undergraduate Students of University of Nigeria Enugu Campus

Information should be provided to the public especially; young men through television, billboard, and other media on the need for regular TSE and TSE should be integrated into the secondary school curriculum.

Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of Testicular Self-Examination among Male Undergraduate Students in a Tertiary Institution in Calabar, Cross River State Nigeria

The findings however revealed that knowledge was not commensurate with practice, and young men attending healthcare institutions for any reason should be given health education on TSE, accompanied with patient leaflets.

Awareness and practice of testicular self-examination among regular undergraduate male health sciences university students, Debre Tabor, Northwest Ethiopia

Knowledge and practice of TSE among respondents were poor and they are unaware of their risk for TC, which is the most common neoplasm in this age group.

Knowledge and practice of testicular self-examination among secondary students at Ntare School in Mbarara District, South western Uganda

The knowledge and practice of TSE were low among adolescent secondary school boys in Ntare School in Mbarara District, south western Uganda, which suggests that these students are unaware of the value of this personal health promotion tool which is fundamental in early diagnosis of testicular cancer.

Effect of educational guidelines based on health belief model regarding testicular cancer knowledge, practice and beliefs among male nursing students

The results indicated that educational guidelines about testicular cancer and TSE training are effective in improving knowledge, practice and health belief of young men, but T SE training should be repeated periodically for better efficacy.

The KAP Study on TSE in Salak Tinggi, Sepang, Selangor

In conclusion, TSE awareness among the community was inadequate and not everyone who was aware of TSE has good knowledge, attitude, and practice regarding this selfexamination, so interventions should be held to enhance the population's knowledge on TSE and this will indirectly increase the practice and attitude towards TSE.

Testicular Cancer Awareness among Men Residing in the Maltese Islands

The findings of this study indicate that Maltese males lack knowledge on TC and how to carry out TSE, and health education campaigns are needed to inform the general population about the risks of TC andHow to perform TSE.

Effectiveness Of Planned Sensitization Programme (PSP) On Knowledge And Attitude Regarding Testicular Self-Examination Among Men In Selected Community Area Atkancheepuram District, Tamilnadu, India

The study showed that there is a high moderately positive correlation between knowledge and attitude and indicated effectiveness of planned sensitization programme on testicular self-examination.



Inadequate knowledge levels of Turkish male university students about testicular self-examination.

The results of this study demonstrated that adolescent males should be educated by nurses about testicular tumors and their symptoms as well as TSE performance.

Knowledge of prostate cancer screening among native African urban population in Nigeria.

There was remarkable lack of awareness of prostate cancer among the Nigerian native African urban populace and Prostate cancer screening and serum PSA test for screening is globally unknown among them.

Promoting awareness and practice of testicular self-examination.

This evaluation highlights the potential of using a low-cost initiative which targets innovative venues to improve men's knowledge of testicular cancer and rates of self-examination and no statistically significant change was observed in the control group.

Young men's awareness, attitudes and practice of testicular self-examination: a health action process approach

Intention, outcome expectancies and self-efficacy were the best predictors of testicular self-examination performance and provided some support for the Health Action Process Approach.

Cancer awareness and self-examination practices in young men and women

The best predictors of cancer awareness and SE were fear of developing cancer and self-rated confidence that SE was being done correctly, consistent with a health belief model andSelf-efficacy theory of health behavior.

Cancer Care in sub-Saharan Africa – Urgent Need for Population–based Cancer Registries

It is recommended that functional population-based cancer registries be established in various countries within the region to facilitate the formulation of appropriate policies for improved cancer care and prevention.

Physical Examination and Health Assessment

Integration of the health assessment: the complete health assessment - putting it all together critical thinking in health assessment.

Testicular cancer and testicular selfexamination knowledge and practice among university students

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  • 2010