Avoiding ambiguity

  title={Avoiding ambiguity},
  author={Sunetra Gupta},
Scientists sometimes use mathematics to give the illusion of certainty. 

From sociology of quantification to ethics of quantification

Quantifications are produced by several disciplinary houses in a myriad of different styles. The concerns about unethical use of algorithms, unintended consequences of metrics, as well as the warning


A formative experience of my teenage years was watching a worn-out film that my music teacher was eaget for us to see of the conductor and composer~ Leonard Bernstein, talking passionately about the

The history of science and medicine in the context ofCOVID‐19

This spotlight issue encourages reflection on the current COVID-19 pandemic, not simply through comparisons with previous epidemics, but also by illustrating that epidemics deserve study within their

Use and abuse of mathematical models: an illustration from the 2001 foot and mouth disease epidemic in the United Kingdom.

The UK experience provides a salutary warning of how models can be abused in the interests of scientific opportunism.

Language and Style of Sunetra Gupta’s Fictional Narratives

  • Maswood Akhter
  • Art, Linguistics
    Studies in ELT and Applied Linguistics
  • 2021
 My aim in this paper is to offer a critical discussion on certain linguistic and stylistic aspects in the fictional pieces by Sunetra Gupta, an important Bengali diaspora author based in Oxford. In

HCI as an engineering discipline: to be or not to be!?

Improved fit with the foot and ankle and air intake and exhaust within the shoe accelerated to improve the aerating action.