Avian Physiology

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Incubation and Hatching of Duck Eggs
The role of mucilage envelope in the endozoochory of selected plant taxa
It is demonstrated for the first time that the mucilage envelope, especially of the non-cellulosic type, supports endozoochory and can explain the ways of plants distribution at a small, local scale as well as in long-distance dispersal, e.g., between islands or even continents.
Effects of dietary surpluses of methionine and lysine on growth performance, blood serum parameters, immune responses, and carcass traits of broilers
ABSTRACT We evaluated the effects of dietary surpluses (100%, 110%, and 120% of Ross recommendations) of methionine (Met) and lysine (Lys) on growth performance, blood serum parameters, immune
Evolution of intestinal microbiota and body compartments during spontaneous hyperphagia in the Greylag goose
The result showed that changes in the body compartments of old geese during spontaneous hyperphagia depend on the sex of the birds, but not so much in gut microbial composition.
Helminths of the Barents Sea Northern Fulmar (Fulmarus glacialis, Procellariiformes, Procellariidae): Composition, Impact on Host, and Indicator Properties
An analysis of the invasion of fulmars in various regions shows that their helminth fauna has almost all the necessary properties for their use as an indicator of the state of and possible changes in the pelagic ecosystems of the Barents Sea.
History of artificial insemination in poultry, its components and significance
Currently, the technique of AI in most of the poultry species is well developed; however, there is a need for successful development programme of this technique in non-domesticated birds to assist in creating viable, self-sustaining populations of critically endangered species.
Nutrients profile, protein quality and energy value of whole Prosopis pods meal as a feedstuff for poultry feeding
Abstract The chemical composition, tannins level, mineral profile, fatty acids profile and amino acids profile of whole Prosopis pods meal (WPPM) were determined. In addition, apparent energy
The analysis of genome composition and codon bias reveals distinctive patterns between avian and mammalian circoviruses which suggest a potential recombinant origin for Porcine circovirus 3
Interestingly, the recently identified Porcine circovirus 3 (PCV-3) had an intermediate pattern in terms of genome composition and codon bias, which suggest the potential recombinant origin, followed or preceded by a host jump, of this virus.
Carotenoid availability in diet and phenotype of blue and great tit nestlings
It is hypothesised that the difference in effect of dietary carotenoids on the two species is due to relatively larger clutch size and higher growth rates of blue tits compared to great tits, leading to blue tit nestlings being more in need of carOTenoids for antioxidant function than great tit nestling.