Avian Paternal Care Had Dinosaur Origin

  title={Avian Paternal Care Had Dinosaur Origin},
  author={D. Varricchio and Jason R Moore and G. M. Erickson and M. Norell and F. Jackson and J. Borkowski},
  pages={1826 - 1828}
  • D. Varricchio, Jason R Moore, +3 authors J. Borkowski
  • Published 2008
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Science
  • The repeated discovery of adult dinosaurs in close association with egg clutches leads to speculation over the type and extent of care exhibited by these extinct animals for their eggs and young. To assess parental care in Cretaceous troodontid and oviraptorid dinosaurs, we examined clutch volume and the bone histology of brooding adults. In comparison to four archosaur care regressions, the relatively large clutch volumes of Troodon, Oviraptor, and Citipati scale most closely with a bird… CONTINUE READING
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