Avian Encephalomyelitis in Layer Pullets Associated with Vaccination.

  title={Avian Encephalomyelitis in Layer Pullets Associated with Vaccination.},
  author={Carlos Gabriel Senties-Cue and Rodrigo A Gallardo and Nancy Reimers and Arthur A Bickford and Bruce R Charlton and Hulimangala L. Shivaprasad},
  journal={Avian diseases},
  volume={60 2},
Avian encephalomyelitis (AE) was diagnosed in three flocks of leghorn layer pullets following AE vaccination. Ages of the birds were 11, 12, and 14 wk. The submissions came from three different companies located in two geographic areas of the Central Valley of California. The clinical signs included birds down on their legs, unilateral recumbency or sitting on their hocks, lethargy, reluctance to move, dehydration, unevenness in size, low weight, tremors of the head in a few birds, and mildly… CONTINUE READING