Average entropy of a subsystem.

  title={Average entropy of a subsystem.},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={71 9},
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  • Published 7 May 1993
  • Mathematics
  • Physical review letters
If a quantum system of Hilbert space dimension mn is in a random pure state, the average entropy of a subsystem of dimension m\ensuremath{\le}n is conjectured to be ${\mathit{S}}_{\mathit{m},\mathit{n}}$= ${\mathit{S}}_{\mathit{k}=\mathit{n}+1}^{\mathit{mn}}$ 1/k-m-1/2n and is shown to be \ensuremath{\simeq}lnm-m/2n for 1\ensuremath{\ll}m\ensuremath{\le}n. Thus there is less than one-half unit of information, on average, in the smaller subsystem of a total system in a random pure state. 
Page curve for fermionic Gaussian states
In a seminal paper, Page found the exact formula for the average entanglement entropy for a pure random state. We consider the analogous problem for the ensemble of pure fermionic Gaussian states,
Proof of Sarkar-Kumar's Conjectures on Average Entanglement Entropies over the Bures-Hall Ensemble
  • Lu Wei
  • Mathematics
    Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical
  • 2020
A key ingredient of the proofs is Forrester and Kieburg's discovery on the connection between the Bures-Hall ensemble and the Cauchy-Laguerre biorthogonal ensemble studied by Bertola, Gekhtman, and Szmigielski.
Typical entropy of a subsystem: Page curve and its variance.
For a system of non-interacting spins in a magnetic field, the thermal entropy arises as the typical entanglement entropy of a subsystem as well as the application to physical systems in an energy eigenstate.
Distinguishability of generic quantum states
Properties of random mixed states of dimension $N$ distributed uniformly with respect to the Hilbert-Schmidt measure are investigated. We show that for large $N$, due to the concentration of measure,
Entanglement Entropy of Eigenstates of Quadratic Fermionic Hamiltonians.
It is proved that in the limit in which the subsystem size is a vanishing fraction of the system size, the average entanglement entropy is maximal; i.e., typical eigenstates of such Hamiltonians exhibit eigenstate thermalization.
On the Geometric Probability of Entangled Mixed States
The state space of a composite quantum system, the set of density matrices P$$ \mathfrak{P} $$+, is decomposable into the space of separable states S$$ \mathfrak{S} $$+ and its complement, the space
Bounds on the entanglement entropy of droplet states in the XXZ spin chain
We consider a class of one-dimensional quantum spin systems on the finite lattice $\Lambda\subset\mathbb{Z}$, related to the XXZ spin chain in its Ising phase. It includes in particular the so-called
On the convergence of output sets of quantum channels
We study the asymptotic behavior of the output states of sequences of quantum channels. Under a natural assumption, we show that the output set converges to a compact convex set, clarifying and
The Prime state and its quantum relatives
The Quantum Fourier Transform of the Prime state provides a direct access to Chebyshev-like biases in the distribution of prime numbers, and the properties of other number-theoretical quantum states, such as those defined from odd composite numbers, square-free integers and starry primes are explored.
Truncated Linear Statistics Associated with the Top Eigenvalues of Random Matrices
Given a certain invariant random matrix ensemble characterised by the joint probability distribution of eigenvalues $$P(\lambda _1,\ldots ,\lambda _N)$$P(λ1,…,λN), many important questions have been


Average quantal behavior and thermodynamic isolation
We study the thermodynamic concept of isolation. The causal motion of a system that models a thermodynamic “universe” but nevertheless couples to a surround is reconciled with an increase of
Black hole information
Hawking's 1974 calculation of thermal emission from a classical black hole led to his 1976 proposal that information may be lost from our universe as a pure quantum state collapses gravitationally
Mathematical Methods in Physics
Volume II J. S. R. Chisholm and Rosa M. Morris Amsterdam: North-Holland. 1964 Pp. xviii + 717. Price 72s. This book is a valuable addition to an ever-growing collection of mathematical texts written
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