• Engineering
  • Published 2014

Avaliações ultrassonográficas e histopatológica dos testículos de cão criptorquídico após orquidopexia unilateral

  title={Avaliaç{\~o}es ultrassonogr{\'a}ficas e histopatol{\'o}gica dos test{\'i}culos de c{\~a}o criptorqu{\'i}dico ap{\'o}s orquidopexia unilateral},
  author={Ticiana Franco Pereira da Silva and M{\'i}rley Barbosa de Souza and Jos{\'e} Nicodemos Pinto and D A Viana and Daniel Couto Uchoa and Ldm Silva},
It was aimed to report changes in ultrasonographic and histopatological parameters in the testes of a criptorchidic dog after an unilateral orchidopexy. A French Bulldog male dog was submitted to ultrasonographic examinations to evaluate appearance, peak systolic velocity, end diastolic velocity, resistance and pulsatility index of the testicular artery. After that, an orchiectomy was performed and a histological evaluation was made. The fixed testis was heterogeneous, with hypoechoic areas and… CONTINUE READING