Avaliação da exposição de passageiros ao ruído no interior de ônibus do transporte público do município de Itajubá

  title={Avaliaç{\~a}o da exposiç{\~a}o de passageiros ao ru{\'i}do no interior de {\^o}nibus do transporte p{\'u}blico do munic{\'i}pio de Itajub{\'a}},
  author={Luiz Felipe Marini Silva and Fabio Cardoso Correia},
PURPOSE: to evaluate the noise exposure levels inside the buses for urban transport in the city of Itajuba - MG. METHOD: a sample of the itineraries was determined to carry out dosimetries in order to assess such exposure. The criteria for discomfort and hearing loss were referenced by those set out by the World Health Organization (WHO). RESULTS: evaluation on 15 itineraries, totaling over 23 hours of evaluation, the noise level ranged from 78 to 84 dB(A). The arithmetic mean for the obtained… CONTINUE READING