AvailableBandwidthEstimationin IEEE 802 . 11-based WirelessNetworks

  title={AvailableBandwidthEstimationin IEEE 802 . 11-based WirelessNetworks},
  author={S. Shah and Kai Chen and Klara Nahrstedt},
Available bandwidth estimationis a vital component of admission control for quality-of-service(QoS) in both wireline as well aswirelessnetworks. In wirelessnetworks, theavailablebandwidth undergoes fasttime-scalevariationsdueto channel fadinganderror from physical obstacles.Theseeffects are not presentin wireline networks, andmake estimationof availablebandwidth in wireless networks a challenging task.Furthermore, the wirelesschannel is also a shared-a ccessmedium, and the available bandwidth… CONTINUE READING
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