Av bild ‐ själv bild ‐ bild själv

  title={Av bild ‐ sj{\"a}lv bild ‐ bild sj{\"a}lv},
  author={Barbro Werkm{\"a}ster},
  journal={Konsthistorisk tidskrift},
Summary The first reference to women artists, in Pliny's Natural History about 70 AD, also includes the first mention of an artist, painting a self‐portrait with the help of a mirror. The article continues, from a discussion of Pliny's text, with an analysis of the miniatures of Boccaccio's De Claris mulieribus, picturing the Plinii motif of a woman artist, Marcia, painting her self‐portrait. The author stresses the impact of these miniatures upon later, visual, representations of the woman… Expand
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