Auxin Regulation of the Gibberellin Pathway in Pea1

  title={Auxin Regulation of the Gibberellin Pathway in Pea1},
  author={D. P. O'Neill and J. Ross},
  journal={Plant Physiology},
  pages={1974 - 1982}
  • D. P. O'Neill, J. Ross
  • Published 2002
  • Medicine, Biology
  • Plant Physiology
  • The auxin indole-3-acetic acid (IAA) has been shown to promote the biosynthesis of the active gibberellin (GA1) in shoots of pea (Pisum sativum). We used northern analysis to investigate the timing of IAA-induced changes in transcript levels ofPsGA3ox1 (Mendel's LE),PsGA2ox1, PsGA2ox2, andPsGA20ox1, key genes for the later stages of GA1 biosynthesis and metabolism in pea. Rapid (2–4 h) changes occurred in the transcript levels of PsGA3ox1,PsGA2ox1, and PsGA2ox2 after treatent with IAA. [14C]GA1… CONTINUE READING
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