Auxin Regulation of Late Stamen Development

  title={Auxin Regulation of Late Stamen Development},
  author={Nancy A. Eckardt},
  journal={The Plant Cell Online},
  pages={1733 - 1733}
  • N. Eckardt
  • Published 2008
  • Biology, Medicine
  • The Plant Cell Online
Pollination in self-fertilizing plants depends on the proper timing of filament elongation, anther dehiscence, and pollen maturation so that pollen grains capable of germination are deposited on the stigma surface. Auxin is known to be necessary for stamen development. For example, Cheng et al. (2006) found that stamen development is halted in the Arabidopsis auxin biosynthesis-defective mutant yuc2 yuc6. Cecchetti et al. (pages 1760– 1774) now show that auxin is critical for late stages of… Expand
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Expression of rolB in tobacco flowers affects the coordinated processes of anther dehiscence and style elongation.
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