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Auxiliary Learning for Deep Multi-task Learning

  title={Auxiliary Learning for Deep Multi-task Learning},
  author={Yifan Liu and Bohan Zhuang and Chunhua Shen and Hao Chen and Wei Yin},
  journal={arXiv: Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition},
  • Yifan Liu, Bohan Zhuang, +2 authors Wei Yin
  • Published 2019
  • Computer Science
  • arXiv: Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition
  • Multi-task learning (MTL) is an efficient solution to solve multiple tasks simultaneously in order to get better speed and performance than handling each single-task in turn. The most current methods can be categorized as either: (i) hard parameter sharing where a subset of the parameters is shared among tasks while other parameters are task-specific; or (ii) soft parameter sharing where all parameters are task-specific but they are jointly regularized. Both methods suffer from limitations: the… CONTINUE READING
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