Autotransplanted teeth with early-stage endodontic treatment: a radiographic evaluation.

  title={Autotransplanted teeth with early-stage endodontic treatment: a radiographic evaluation.},
  author={S{\"o}ren Eliasson and A C L{\aa}ftman and Lena Strindberg},
  journal={Oral surgery, oral medicine, and oral pathology},
  volume={65 5},
Autotransplantation of teeth has been performed for many years and with varying degrees of success. The present report concerns the long-term results of autotransplantation of 36 teeth with completed root formation. Endodontic treatment was started before or within 12 weeks after transplantation. At the final check-up 32 teeth were present, 24 of them without signs of inflammation, replacement, or internal resorption. Careful radiographic examination during the follow-up period and adequate… CONTINUE READING

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