Autoregulation of histamine release in brain by presynaptic H3-receptors.

  title={Autoregulation of histamine release in brain by presynaptic H3-receptors.},
  author={J. M. Arrang and Monique Garbarg and Jean Charles Schwartz},
  volume={15 2},
Regulation of histamine release was studied mainly on brain slices prelabeled with L-[3H]-histidine and depolarized by increased extracellular K+ concentration or veratridine in a non-superfused system. The released 3H-labeled amines, isolated by ion-exchange chromatography from a large excess of 3H-labeled precursor consisted by more than 95% of unchanged [3H]histamine. Exogenous histamine reduced the release of neosynthesized [3H]histamine via stimulation of previously characterized H3… CONTINUE READING
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