Autoradiography using storage phosphor technology.

  title={Autoradiography using storage phosphor technology.},
  author={Richard F. Johnston and S C Pickett and David L. Barker},
  volume={11 5},
We describe the application of photostimulable storage phosphor imaging plates to autoradiography of samples labeled with 32P, 14C and 35S. Imaging plates can detect a 32P-labeled sample at an exposure level of 1 disintegration/mm2, and 14C and 35S at 25 disintegrations/mm2. Compared to X-ray film, imaging plates offer increased sensitivity of 15- to 250-fold for 32P and 20- to 100-fold for 14C and 35S. Resolution is in the 0.3 mm range and is therefore suitable for any gel or blot application. 

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